5 everyday beauty tricks with coconut oil to try at home (or the gym!)

by Gourmet Skin Bar April 22, 2015 3 min read

5 everyday beauty tricks with coconut oil to try at home (or the gym!)

The coconut is well recognised as a superfood with an ever growing list of health benefits. Not only is the unique combination of fatty acids great for your health, but it is also an amazing cure-all for skin and hair.  It seems we can use this magical fruit for just about anything - and after having experimented with Cocovít's amazing USDA certified organic coconut oil, we totally agree!

Coconut oil is already used in many natural beauty products because of its antibacterial and anti fungal properties. It makes a terrific moisturiser, and an effective hair treatment as it can penetrate hair better than other oils. New to GSB, Cocovít's oil truly stands out from the usual supermarket brands. Cocovít harvests fresh organic coconuts from a eco-reserve in South India, producing an exquisitely pure and exceptionally potent form of coconut oil. Using a heatless extraction process, Cocovít maximizes nutrient and enzyme potency by leaving the oil raw and untouched - just as nature intended. The gorgeous tub packaging is so easy to take around with you while traveling (the smaller size is TSA friendly and there's no need to wait your bottle of oil to melt before using), and when you're short on time (and space), it can be the one beauty tool you need in your gym bag! 

It was hard to narrow the list of beauty tricks with coconut oil, but here's our current top 5:

1. Cleanser and makeup remover

Oil cleansing is no longer a new concept, and using this wonderful natural oil is awesome for quickly removing makeup and a deep cleanse, while balancing the skin's own natural oils. Oil dissolves oil, and when using this method regularly, oil cleansing can help with skin issues like oiliness, dryness, sensitivities, blackheads and whiteheads - and get skin back to a healthy, balanced and moisturised state.

Use only a dime-sized amount of Cocovít to take off a day's worth of makeup by gently massaging onto dry face and around eyes. The coconut oil will clean your pores of dirt and bacteria gently and effectively, and replace the dirty oil with good oil. Leave on for a minute and watch the makeup melt away! You can remove with just a soft face cloth without washing your face with water. For best results, soak the cloth in hot water and wring out before placing it over your face. Wait until it cools then wipe off. Repeat 2-3 times. Tip: apply the oil before jumping in the shower, and let the steam help it penetrate your skin even deeper! 


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2. Body and massage oil

The perfect light moisturiser to slather all over your body, and is already naturally scrumptious smelling! Bring it with you in the gym shower, and apply directly after while skin is still slightly moist. Try is as a massage oil too - store-bought oils often have coconut oil as their base!


3. Deep or leave-in hair conditioner

Coconut oil is amazing as a deep conditioning hair treatment, rich in fatty acids to nourish and moisturise the scalp and hair. You can use it as a pre-shampoo treatment or a leave-in hair mask. Massage the coconut oil into your scalp down to your ends, starting with a half a teaspoon of oil and adding as needed. Tie in loose bun and leave in for at least 2 hours or overnight - the longer the better (try it before you jump in the pool or hit the beach!). Either shampoo and condition as usual, or do it the next morning.


4. Shaving balm

Coconut oil will keep your skin moisturised in the shaving process, while allowing for a very close shave. Apply liberally and shave as normal. Can also be used as pre or post shave conditioner.

5. Lip treatment

Misplaced that Hurraw! balm again? Try smoothing a tiny bit of Cocovít over dry, chapped lips for an ideal treatment - the oil will be semi-solid at room temperature and by this stage should have a permanent home in your purse or gym bag :)

How do you use your coconut oil? We'd love to hear from you!

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