Linda Aldredge's Lulu Organics label is all about simple, pared-down beauty

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Linda Aldredge's Lulu Organics label is all about simple, pared-down beauty

Lulu Organics, the newest brand to join Gourmet Skin Bar, was founded by Linda 'Lulu' Aldredge after working for a decade in the beauty and fashion industry. The Minneapolis-based label was born out of Lulu's passion for simple, pared-down products with food-grade ingredients and no preservatives.

The first organic dry shampoo on the market back in 2007, the hair powder that started it all was an instant hit when it launched in the Opening Ceremony store in New York. Using a unique talc-free formula based certified organic ingredients, Lulu Organics hair powders are distinctive not only for the beautiful signature fragrances but also for the label's striking art-noveau style motifs designed by Lulu herself. The Lulu Organics line now includes an argan oil infused with olive to hydrate dry hair on days of wash.

Not only can you pronounce every ingredient in the Lulu Organics range and be assured that nothing toxic or questionable has snuck into a product, Lulu also took care to select eco-friendly packaging that is also functional and beautiful. Each Lulu Organics hair powder is housed in custom kraft paper packages made from 100% recycled materials that contain 30% post-consumer waste paper fibre.

We asked Lulu a few questions about her inspiration for the label, lifestyle and beauty tricks and for a hint about the future for Lulu Organics.

1. Why do you choose organic and natural beauty?

I started learning about organic beauty products because I was misdiagnosed with rosacea and wanted to free myself from a corticosteroid cream I had been using for about seven years. My skin and body was zapped and I just wanted to give it a break from all the chemicals. I created for myself a really simple routine that cut out products with mineral oil, parabens, surfactants, urea…the list is long.

2. How is your hair powder different from other dry shampoos?

When we started we were the only organic dry shampoo on the market! But since we started, lots of others have cropped up. I personally love our Hair Powder because it works so well and it smells so, so nice. Our scents are provocative and strong upon first smell but on the scalp the strong scent retreats and just follows you around like a faded exotic perfume. Also, we only use absolute and essential oils so all of our products have an aromatherapeutic element. And, of course, we only use organic, non-gmo cornstarch as our main ingredient.

"...just follows you around like a faded exotic perfume."

3. You’ve released so many cool new products since the hair powder that started it all. What’s next for Lulu Organics?

I’m kind of a dreamy hippie and I tend to release products based on what I am loving at the moment. For Christmas, we will release a full-sized Rose Geranium Hair Powder and we’re going to have a limited release Holiday Kit housed in a beautiful tote bag designed and printed by a local, feminist artist.

4. What’s your five minute beauty routine?

Cream or oil cleansing, toning with witch hazel then moisturizing with a light face cream mixed with sunscreen. If I have zero time, I simply run a witch hazel pad over my skin.

5. What’s the one natural beauty product you’re currently loving?

I’m kind of experimenting with some natural salicylic acid treatments to even skin texture and tone. And for the first time in my life, I’m curling my eyelashes. I never thought I had any, but as it turns out, they’re just straight!

Meet the hair powder that started it all 

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