The Beauty  Chef


Gourmet Skin Bar is home to The Beauty Chef's range of organic prebiotic and probiotic powders and skin care in Asia. We firmly believe that glowing skin starts from the inside out, and are proud to have been the first to introduce this unique range of inner and outer skin care to our region.

From Sydney’s Bondi Beach, Carla Oates, known as The Beauty Chef, has combined over 15 years of knowledge and passion for organic beauty and health to formulate versatile, daily prebiotic and probiotic supplements. Each product in the line is packed with naturally supercharged skin-loving ingredients to promote inner health and outer beauty.

Carla's self-named line uses a special fermentation process that breaks down (pre-digests) foods, making them more available for the body to use. Each Inner Beauty Powder contains a potent mix of certified organic and naturally fermented superfoods that works from the inside out, and are perfect for a fast-paced modern lifestyle - just one spoonful a day is all you need, so no excuses!