Our Story

We created GSB as an easy and inspiring way to shop for the world's best and emerging independent all natural beauty brands. 

There are so many safe, natural and sustainable choices we can make in respect of our beauty habits, without compromising the high standards we expect from luxury brands - but it's not always clear what they are.

So we've done the research, so you don’t have to. All our GSB Approved brands and their products are of 100% natural origin, only ever tested on people, use high quality fair trade and certified organic ingredients where possible - and always toxic free.


Our philosophy at GSB is simple: Love, Cherish, Protect.

We want you to LOVE, and be comfortable in your own skin. We CHERISH life and say no to animal testing and cruelty. We want to PROTECT our planet and support sustainably and ethically sourced and made brands wherever possible.

GSB Approved

Our skin is our largest organ and is highly absorbent, and certainly deserves our utmost attention and care. So take back control of your skin. Start by understanding what you are putting on it, and learning what works for you. This means making informed choices with your beauty products, and paying attention to how your skin reacts. 

Testing and learning about beauty products can be fun, rewarding and safe - and you won’t be alone! Read our product descriptions to learn why an item has been GSB Approved, each ingredient in it, instructions for use, as well as product reviews by GSB Members.

Think of our blog, The Essential, as your natural beauty toolkit.

Guilt free shopping with GSB

When you shop with us, you are:

· Ensuring your skin is treated to luxurious skin care intelligently formulated with top quality certified organic and natural ingredients, and that your beauty regime is safe and toxic free.

· Protecting the environment. Brands with GSB source and manufacture their products sustainably and ethically.

· Supporting fair trade principles and helping to create opportunities for producers in developing countries and promoting sustainable development.

· Saying no to animal cruelty. All our products are cruelty free and are not tested on animals (except people!). Most GSB Approved products are vegan, or are vegetarian (which use honey or beeswax).

GSB Community

We host regular events to celebrate major product releases and special VIP events, so members can meet each other and share experiences of their green beauty journey.

We strongly encourage you to review products and give us feedback on our lines. To thank you for your time, you will receive reward points that you can use to redeem full-sized products under our generous rewards program.