Reasons To Choose Organic

We often think about beauty and nutrition separately, but the two are very much interlinked. Skin is our largest organ and absorbs most of what we put on it, so it makes sense to pay attention to what‘s in our beauty products. We are what we eat - as well as what we put on our body. Here are just a few reasons to give organic beauty products a try. 

Feed your skin

With organic and natural skin care and cosmetics (and not the ones pretending to be green!), you get high quality and nourishing active ingredients from nature that’s good for your skin. Often made in small or micro-batches with food-grade ingredients to ensure freshness, these are concentrated products formulated with longer-term beauty benefits in mind.

Most of what you put on your skin ends up inside your body. If you care about your diet and nutrition, don’t forget your beauty routine!

Keep your routine safe

If you can’t eat it, it makes sense to avoid putting it on your skin. We come into contact with hundreds of chemicals everyday from our personal care products, many of which still frequently use chemicals that are potential hormone disruptors that impact on our reproductive health or are linked to cancer. Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has a handy list of the top ingredients to avoid, and the products they are commonly found in. The Environmental Working Group (EWG)’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database also has a great guide on safer products.

Using truly organic and natural beauty products helps limit your exposure to toxins, but always check the ingredients. Just because something is labeled as “organic” or “natural” doesn’t mean it’s toxin-free - though you can be sure everything on GSB is! 

Reveal your skin’s true beauty

You don’t have to sacrifice performance when using organic beauty products. There are a growing number of sophisticated brands that have created expert blends of rare and potent certified organic ingredients to re-balance your skin as well as target specific skin concerns. Some of the world's top organic beauty brands are available right here on GSB.

Reducing exposure to unnecessary irritants that can cause allergies, hormonal and reproductive issues also mean happy, healthy, balanced skin in the longer term. Besides, the inexpensive fillers and preservatives commonly used in conventional products that you are giving up aren’t even making you look better, and can easily be replaced.

Nature is the new cutting-edge

Natural beauty products can range from the simple DIY variety to complex, intelligently formulated skin care. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t also be supported by science. The top organic brands carefully choose natural actives with proven benefits for their lines and use the latest and best extraction methods (and notice how natural ingredients are often featured in marketing by conventional beauty brands!).

Feel-good beauty

Not only are organic beauty products good for you, but also for the planet.

There are many organic beauty options out there that are accredited cruelty-free and vegan, including our own brands. Companies that make these products are often also eco-conscious and have committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. Top notch products usually feature extremely rare and expensive ingredients (it takes around 60 roses to get one drop of rose oil!) that are sourced on fair trade terms supporting local communities.

A version of our article was previously published on Sassy Hong Kong.