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Reishi Mushroom Powder

  • This mushroom was traditionally used in Oriental and Eastern Folk Medicine to "Nourish the Heart and Pacify the Spirit".

    Reishi Mushroom is perhaps the most beloved of all precious foods. Called Ling Zhi - "The Mushroom of Spiritual Potency" in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it holds its place as an essential ingredient in a healthy life.

    Its primary functions today include:

    1. Immune Support
    1. Longevity Tonic
    1. Stress Relief

    100 g | 100 servings

    All Natural + Certified Organic & US Grown

    • Mix 2 grams (1/2 tsp) in warm water or tea. Excellent addition to soups, smoothies, raw chocolates, and more!
    • Certified organic US Grown full spectrum Reishi Mushroom: fruit body, primordia, spores and extracellular compounds produced throughout the entire life cycle. Minimally processed with a beneficial enzyme for optimum bioavailability.
    • Read more about the studied health benefits and effects right here:
      1. Study on anti-aging
      2. Study on the inflammatory breast cancer
      3. Study on Supercharging the Mind
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